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Sleeve gastrectomy (also known as gastric sleeve)

This leading-edge procedure involves removal of three quarters of the stomach

Sleeve gastrectomy is recommended for patients based on the following benefits:

  • Average loss of 45% to 85% of excess weight
  • Causes increased fullness, decreased hunger.
  • Improves conditions such as type 2 diabetes and hypertension.
  • Increased life expectancy.
  • Positive effects on insulin resistance.
  • Fewer intestinal complications than other weight loss procedures.





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Your change will be directed by the best doctors highly trained to make your procedure a success.

Leticia Guajardo, MD
Leticia Guajardo, MD
Certified in obesity medicine, internal medicine and sports nutritionist.
Master degree and a Doctorate degree in Clinical Nutrition.
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Quetzalli G. Limas, MD
Quetzalli G. Limas, MD
Bariatric Surgeon.
Laparoscopic/Minimally Invasive Surgeon.
Gastrointestinal Surgeon.
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